The Yummy Box

Hand crafted sweet and salty treat gift boxes for any occasion from
Cape Town........The mother city!

Tired of sending flowers........ Send an yummy box!

At the yummy box we hand craft beautifully made sweet and salty treat gift boxes for any occasion!

Friends lost her job due to Covid ... send ... a yummy box to cheer her up!
Want to gain some brownie points with your girl or guy... send them a yummy box!
We are in the business of lifting spirits!

Created by Cape town based Mother and daughter duo, inspired by both sad and happy events that happened to us in the last 2 years, like the birth of my baby girl and the unfortunate passing of my dad, we got sent many gifts to cheer us up and celebrate during these events and the one thing people said to us was, we just didn't want to send you flowers!

This is when the penny dropped and we realized there were not many options on cool gifts to courier around the country, and knew there was a need for something a little different!

Cheer up and surprise your friends and family on any occasion with this feel good box of yummy sweet and salty treats.

We source all our baked goods from home bakers only, and only support local suppliers in the mother city!

Deliveries to the Atlantic seaboard and parts of the Southern suburbs are free; deliveries to Northern parts of Cape town cost R 50.00.
Nationwide delivery is available for just R 99.00.

The Yummy box Catalogue

All things nice Yummy Box

1x Giant cookie
Pkt of 10 cookies 
1 pkt of 6 choc biscotti
1x Choc fudge brownie
2x Coconut marshmallows 
60g Mixed salted and roasted nuts
60g Strawberry licorice twists
70g Turkish fig
200g Watermelon slices
190g Peach rings
200g Tripple heart gummies
1x Peanut brittle
2x Fudge
1x Heart shapped sugar cookie
1x Turkish delight
1x Rainbow lollipop

The Large Thank you Yummy box

200g Orange slices
200g Watermelon slices
190g wine gums
80g wasabi nuts
60g yoghurt coated peanuts
60g roasted and salted cashew nuts
2x fudge
60g turkish apricot
4 piece peanut brittle
10x choc chunk cookies
20g biltong sticks
1x Thank you sugar cookie

The Medium Thank you Yummy box

10 Cookies
200g Peach rings in square box
60g Watermelon slices
80g Yoghurt coated peanuts
60g Cashew nuts
60g Turkish apricot
1 piece fudge
1 piece Turkish delight
1 piece choc honey comb

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Choose a Yummy box for any occasion! 
The Yummy Cookie and Sweet Box 

250g Fruit rings
190g Peach rings
200g Triple heart gums
200g Watermelon slices
90g Strawberry licorice twists
60g Jelly beans
1 Giant cookie 
1x pkt of 6 Choc biscotti
Pkt of 10 cookies 
2x Pieces fudge
1x Peanut brittle 

Best Teacher Yummy Box

1x Best Teacher apple sugar cookie
1x Pkt of 10 cookies
Mixed nuts 60g
Caramel sesame coated peanuts 60g
Sour fizzy worms 60g
Strawberry liquorice twists 60g
Smarties 60g
Jelley beans 60g
1x Turkish delight  
1x Crunchie 

The Yummy Sweet and Salty Box

190g watermelon rings
200g orange slices
200g watermelon slices
80g giant peanuts  
60g cashew nuts  
80g yoghurt coated peanuts
Pkt of 10 cookies
2x Pieces of fudge
1x peanut brittle 

The Yummy Kiddies Rainbow party box

Minimum of 5 boxes to be purchased at a time.

Sour worms 80g
Rainbow berries 50g
Jelly tots 30g
1 Fudge
Mini marshmallows with jelly tots/smarties 30g
1 Rainbow sucker
Choc marshmallow with sprinkles 1

The Yummy Kiddies Carnival party box

Minimum of 5 boxes to be purchased at a time.

50g Smarties
50g Jelley tots
1 Rainbow sucker
30g Mini marshmallow
Jelly beans 50g
1 Piece fudge
30g Mini choc marshmallows
1 Choc marshmallow with sprinkles
1 Dummy sucker

Its a girl Yummy box

1 Pink bunny comfort blanket
1 Congrats Sugar cookie
Heart shapped peach slices 90g
Pink and white marshmallow 80g
Yoghurt coated peanuts 60g
Jelly tots 90g
1 Fudge
1 Peanut brittle
1 Turkish delight 

Sugar Free Yummy Box

Zero Sugar Marshmallow 50g
Sugar free coconut Ice 30g
Strawberry flavoured white Belgium heart shapped chocolate 50g
Sugar free lollipop 1
Humbug Hard Candy 60g
Toffee Hard Candy 60g 

Get Well Soon Yummy Box

Pkt of 10 Cookies
Watermelon slices 80g
Chocolate coated biscuit balls 60g
Black and red berries 60g
Jelly beans 60g
Mixed nuts 60g
Yoghurt coated peanuts 80g
Turkish apricot 60g
Caramel coated sesame seeds peanuts 60g
Turkish delight 1
Crunchie 1
Fudge 1
Peanut brittle 1

Its a boy Yummy box
Can be done for boy or girl

1 Baby sensory toy 
Watermelon slices 90g
Sour worms 90g
Orange slices 90g
Yogurt peanut 80g
Turkish Apricot 70g
Mixed nuts 60g
Pkt of 10 cookies
Turkish Delight



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